5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud

Cloud computing is here and it’s real, is your business ready to move to the cloud?

Move to the Cloud - GridCSP.comCloud computing has been around for many years, your business is probably using cloud technology and might not realize it. Cloud computing refers to free or subscription-based services delivered in real time over the Internet. Some examples, you may currently use include Salesforce.com, Gmail, GoogleDocs, Hotmail and Skype… These all rely on the cloud to store and process information. If you are thinking about making a move to the cloud here are 5 reasons that will help.

  1. Business Continuity. With major outages and wide spread damages due to natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, businesses today need to ensure their business data is safe. Gartner reports that 93% of business that could not recover their lost data within 10 days went bankrupt within a year. Your business needs to have a disaster recovery plan in place. The Cloud offers your business redundancy that is unmanageable for Small and Medium sized business. Applications and data is backed up multiple times a day and also to offsite locations to ensure it safety and availability.
  2. Security. Cloud Service Providers (CSP) ensures security of your data in multiple ways. CSP’s employee IT security professionals who safeguard IT systems, perform all the current updates to applications and operating systems and make certain the latest patches are in place to defend against internet threats. The massive data-centers used by CSP’s employ 24/7 onsite security which use biometrics to access, have built in fire suppression systems and are located in a disaster free area of the country.  These levels of security are unmatchable by small or mediums size businesses due to the high amount of IT knowledge required and large investment.
  3. Cost Savings. In tough economic times a large outlay of capital for IT infrastructure is not possible. Even if the infrastructure was purchased, it may not be enough down the line and will it have the mobility and freedom of the cloud. The cost of Power, networking equipment and cooling all add up large bills to support infrastructure. The cloud is always on elastic compute power which you pay for on a monthly basis on a per use case.
  4. Expertise. The expertise of your CSP’s highly trained technical experts ensures your cloud is always on and available. The CSP’s engineers monitor the systems 24/7, giving you the support in any time zone.
  5. Scalability. Cloud computing allows firms to only pay for the resources and capabilities they need. This makes organizations more agile, easily letting them scale when there are changes in growth within the company.  Invest in your business not your IT.

The Real world advantages of cloud technology give your business the ability to stay agile in tough economic times. This lets your IT scale with the growth of your business. These 5 Reasons are key factors to move to the cloud.
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